Roof Inspection Services

Do We Need Professional Roof Inspection Services?

There’s no question that a well-maintained roof is important for any home or business. But when is the right time to hire a professional roof inspection service? And what will they be looking for during their inspection? Should you spend your hard-earned money on this service?

Often, we see both homeowners and business owners asking these types of questions. With this in mind, we’ve compiled five reasons why a residential or commercial roof inspection is worth your investment this year.

Analyze Active Aging

While most people think of a roof’s age in terms of how long it’s been since it was installed, age isn’t the only factor that contributes to roof deterioration. The “active aging” process of roofing materials is determined by several factors, including exposure to sunlight, wind, rain, and snow. While a roof may only be five years old in terms of its installation time, it could be much older with the deterioration it shows.

A professional roofing inspector will be able to analyze your roof and determine its “active age.” This is important information to have because it can help you predict when you may need to repair or replace your roof.

Spot Leaks Early

Next, professional roof inspection services can help you spot leaks early on. If your roof is leaking, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. A small leak can quickly turn into a big problem, and the sooner you catch it, the better. A commercial roof repair at the right time can save your business both time and money (something that all businesses want, right?).

Ensure Code Compliance

Furthermore, if you’re a commercial business owner, it’s important to make sure that your roof is up to code. Commercial roofs are subject to different codes and regulations than residential roofs, so it’s important to have a professional inspect your roof to make sure everything is up to par. This is especially important if you’re planning on selling your commercial property, as most buyers will want to make sure that the roof is up to code before they purchase the property.

As an example, your roof may need to be retrofitted to comply with new laws and codes. If you welcome dozens of staff members, customers, and clients into your building each day, it’s crucial that your roof protects them from the elements and won’t cause problems.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another reason to consider professional roof inspection services is that they can keep your roof clean and in good condition. Over time, your roof will accumulate dirt, debris, and leaves. If this buildup is not removed, it can lead to serious problems like clogged gutters and drains, which can cause water to back up onto your roof. In some cases, dirt and debris can also cause moss and mold to grow on your roof too.

Ultimately, professional roof inspections pick up on problems early (to save your business time and money), ensure code compliance, keep your roof clean, and analyze active aging. Why not book an inspection with a professional service today?